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Don't Wait Up is the new ten song recording from singer/songwriter Deb Rhymer. 

Following up her well received first album of covers, Deb decided it was time to get serious about writing her own material for this new release. In collaboration with some of her community’s strongest writers and players, she got some fine results. Six original tunes as well as four classic covers make this a tasty platter of heartfelt blues. From rocking to swinging, from tough to tender, there’s plenty here to please your ears.

The Deb Rhymer band's first self-titled album is an eleven song recording of covers. 

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Listening to the Deb Rhymer Band is one thing, but you really have to see it to believe it. Deb's powerful voice electrifies the room, while her band will have you tearing up the dancefloor or groovin' in your seat.